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General Garden Fertiliser used for Spring, Summer, Autumn Top Dressing. This Fertiliser can also be used as a preseeder before turf is laid on a new garden.


Fertiliser - 15kg buckets

Analysis, Nitrogen 8%, Phosphorus 24%, Potash 24%, contains sulphur (strengthens leaf blade).

Used as a Pre-seeder the bucket will cover 600m squared or 700yds squared.
Apply Fertiliser to prepared soil bed before turf is rolled out at a rate of 25gms / m square or 20gms / yd squared)

Top Dressing Established Lawn 30gms/ yd squared or 35gms / m squared.

Once lawn is established apply fertiliser at 8 week stage. General garden fertiliser can be used all year round.

Spring/Summer apply at 6-8 week intervals.
Autumn/Winter apply at 12-16 week intervals.

Sow fertiliser evenly.

Do not apply fertiliser during a drought period unless there is means of watering.

Always cut grass before applying fertiliser and allow fertiliser 2 weeks to activate before resuming normal grass cutting programme.


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