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Sedum Enviromat

At Evergreen Lawns, we believe that Sedum is one of the most resourceful living materials available to gardeners today due to its specially chosen range of Sedum plants. No matter how small or large the project, from a garden shed to an area blending with back ground colours, using Enviromat benefits wildlife and enhances your surroundings.



Enviromat is a living carpet of sedum plants for outdoor use and one of the lowest maintenance garden products available. Sedum is grown on to a special matting for strength, versatility and easy installation. Enviromat comes complete with mature sedum plants already established.



Enviromat includes a varied mix of flowering sedum plants for all year round colour and texture. With Enviromat there is no need for mowing, weeding or deadheading.



Enviromat can help attract wildlife to a location and is suitable for numerous applications including:

Sedum roofs for sheds, summerhouses, hotels, schools

planters - pond surrounds - sedum mat banks - borders