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Turf Specifications

Evergreen Lawns Ltd use only the top rated specified varieties, recommended by the Sports Turf Research Institute. Ensuring that our Lawn Turf has quality features such as; good all year round colour, disease resistance and hardiness. Our Turf is grown and harvested using the most modern technology available.

We take great care in ensuring that your Lawn is delivered as weed-free as possible, and with the correct care and attention, your new Lawn will establish into an attractive 'Evergreen' Lawn.

Turf Spec


Special selection of cultivars of the best available Fescues and Bents in the UK. Selected for close mowing, colour, wear and good all year appearance. Golf Greens, Putting Greens, Bowling Greens, Very Fine Lawns and other Turf Amenity Areas, under high quality maintenance.

(fine rye)

Harder wearing fine grade Rye Turf. Similar to Evergreen Velvet but shouldn't be mown as closely, although can be maintained closer than Evergreen Vista. Amenity Golf Greens, Surrounds, Fairways, Tees, Tennis Courts and Finer Lawns.
(dwarf rye)
Using only the best quality tested cultivars, Dwarf-Rye, Smooth-Stalked Meadow Grass, Fescues and Bents for excellent all year round appearance. Hard wearing, good all year round colour, together with quick recovery. Parks, Sports Grounds, Golf Fairways, Amenity Areas, Industrial Sites, Children's Playgrounds, General Landscaping, Domestic Lawns and Land Reclamation Sites.
Selected cultivars of Fescue, Bents and Smooth-Stalked Meadow Grass, Chosen to give a medium texture, with good year round colour, drought/shade resistant, hard wearing, good appearance and good recovery. High Quality Lawns, Fairways, Golf Tees, Tennis Courts and Medium/High Wearing Applications.
EVERGREEN VALUE Because of the Evergreen policy of supplying only the highest quality products, batches of Turf which fail to meet our exact standards of 'Velvet', 'Vista' and 'Vale', although of a high standard are regarded as 'Evergreen Value'. Low Quality Lawns, Housing Areas, Low Budget Landscape Schemes and Community based projects.